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The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Category: Adult
Authors: Ben Goldstein; Ceri Jones (Series Editors)
Number of levels: 6
Levels: Beginner to Advanced

The Big Picture is a highly visual and easy-to-use six-level course for adults and young adults. Its wealth of digital and print resources are full of striking images, international content and captivating texts in exciting new formats. The Big Picture Learning Platform is a regularly updated site with interactive blogs, videos and games for students; while teachers can assign tasks and monitor their students’ progress.

Key Features
Thought-provoking images engage learners and stimulate discussion
Global topics and a variety of accents ensure that international content is immediately relevant to learners' lives and experiences
Focus on practising the target language in everyday situations through the systematic vocabulary building strand and Functional Language pages
Topic driven grammar sections ensure structures are introduced and practised in context
Final Writing or Speaking Task in each unit simulate real-life contexts

The Big Picture Learning Platform